Thursday, February 25, 2010

H1N1 and INTRA

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Great for health challenges! Great for immune system support! Great for you and me :)

Dear Great Leaders,

We all know that when there is a challenge there is also an opportunity. The biggest health challenge that the world is facing now is H1N1 but it is also presenting us a great opportunity.

In the US, H1N1 is always on the news with deaths mostly among the young being reported almost daily. While a mass vaccination campaign has started, the vaccine supply is not enough to cover the entire US population of over 300 million. Another issue here is the controversy involving the swine flu vaccine itself with reports that the vaccine is not yet proven and may cause serious side effects. Did you know that there are people who die from vaccines rather than the disease itself? The report that drug companies who are manufacturing the vaccine will be making billions of dollars of profit makes many people more skeptical about the whole thing.

We all know that the key to protection is a strong immune system. I'm reminded of the story of a poor family in Southeast Asia during the SARS epidemic years ago. 4 of the 5 people in that household had SARS except for one. They all live in the same house and in the same environment but how can you explain that one was spared? The answer is, that young girl who survived had a strong immune system.

We all know that we have the best products to boost the human body's immune system in intra and nutria. People are now aware that they have to protect themselves and their families. They cannot anymore say that they are healthy and don't need our products. What we need to do is to match the awareness of people about H1N1 with the awareness that there is a safe and natural way to protect themselves.

There are many sources of news about H1N1 like What are you doing to protect yourself and your families from H1N1?

Let's help people live better everyday (especially share Intra and Nutria. Take care everybody!


future Global Marketing Director